I like learning new things 🤓 This is my personal log of failures and lessons learned 👨‍💻 I will be writing mostly about software development, Swift, iOS, machine learning, algorithms and other interesting topics that I have learned so far.

7 years ago I bought my first iPhone and started tinkering with it. Little did I know how this was going to change my life… Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. I like discussing and talking about different ideas 😊

🗣 I’m a former organizer of the CocoaHeads Łódź meetup. We meet every month, invite one or more speakers, exchange knowledge and experience.

🍪 SwiftCookies.com - The idea behind this project is really simple: learn how to code by actually creating stuff. Dive deep into the code, get your hands dirty, experiment, try and fail until it works!

🕔 5minuteSwift.com - This one is still work in progress. Swift in less than five minutes.