Today I started my blog. But why?

April 09, 2018

In this blog I will be writing mostly about software development, Swift, iOS, machine learning, algorithms and other interesting topics that I have learned so far.

There cannot be a programmer’s blog without hello world! So here you go:

  let hello = "Hello World"

Of course in Swift using Playgrounds 😉

But why to start a new blog? Isn’t there enough blogs already? Couple of reasons 😉

I wanted to start this blog in 2016. Actually I wrote two posts back then but I never published them. Posts were almost finished, blog was also almost finished. I just had other more urgent projects that needed to be taken care of. At least that’s what I have told to myself.

So first lesson learned: finish what you have started. No matter what, just finish it. I’ve been following this pattern for a while now.

Second reason is much more important - learning while blogging. It’s a very different thing when you want to explain what you have just learnt to someone else. Suddenly you realize that you are not sure how things are actually working under the hood. In order to write a blog post about it, you need to dig deeper, read the documentation and gather more information. It’s all about learning.

Third reason - connecting with others. Blogging brings you closer to people. You will be surprised how other people would solve an issue that you are facing. Put yourself out there, let others see what you have to say.

Reason number four - give back to the community. I have been using open source libraries and learning from other blogs for ages. Now it’s time to contribute. Let the others learn from you. Exchange ideas, share the knowledge.

Last but not least - writing is hard. For engineers playing with code is a natural thing to do, playing with words is a hell of a different story. Good news is that every new blog post brings you closer to mastering this mysterious craft. You may know all of the technical stuff but communication is the key.

Long story short - I really encourage all of you to start blogging, if you are not a blogger yet 😉

Feel free to reach me on Twitter @mikemikina. I like discussing and talking about different ideas 😊